Winners Of The Green New Deal For Birmingham Art Contest Announced!

by | May 19, 2022

Art has been used for thousands of years to highlight social issues and move people to take action for positive change. As the climate crisis worsens, we need to use the power of art now more than ever to inspire people to save our planet and ensure future generations can thrive. We follow the global movement to think globally and act locally.

As a city already suffering the impacts of climate change, Birmingham can play a leading role in addressing the climate crisis in the U.S. As an artist, you can help push our city in the right direction by using your creative spark to paint a picture of a sustainable future in which people and the planet can thrive.

High school students were invited to create a piece of 2-D art that illustrates a vision for a Green New Deal for Birmingham (#GND4BHM)! The GND4BHM Planning Team voted on the winners and representatives of GASP visited the schools of the first, second, and third place winners to present their cash prize and congratulatory certificates. The three winners are below!

1st Place: Merrin B, Holy Family Cristo Rey, What has the world come to?

“For the future and now, that we did over the years. The one mess we made that we thought was fine but is not. Our air, plants, and animals are disappearing slowly before we know it. There are many problems in our whole world that one day can be destroyed in pieces. Our world is destroying before our hands and the mess we are in. When we start now we won’t be stuck like a wall. Each of us can do something, but are we?” Merrin B

2nd Place: Simone D, Altamont High School, Can you breathe?

“My artwork represents alternative futures: one where climate change and air pollution has worsened and one where we have strived to change how the air affects the way we breath. My art was inspired by how I think breathing in polluted air makes our lungs feel, like someone or something is choking you. Whereas if we reduce the production of things that cause climate change and plant more trees to help with more oxygen production. I want people to feel like they can make a change to how the environment is affected by climate change, and reduce their carbon footprint, to a place that makes it easier to breathe. Also, to show negatives that majorly affect the climate,” Simone D.

3rd Place: Makiya , Carver High School, Global Clean Energy

“I feel the way our planet will survive is to eventually rely completely on clean, renewable energy,” Makiya.

A special thank you to each school’s principals, staff members, and parents for helping us organize the presentation of each winner’s certificate and prize!

GASP and the GND4BHM Planning Team are working on an upcoming eco-art show where the art contest submissions will be on display. (Details TBA) Local artists will be invited to submit their artwork for the show that illustrates their vision for a Green New Deal for Birmingham.

Photos with the winners

Merrin B. is the artist behind the Piece What Has The World Come Too!

Makiya is the artist behind the piece, Global Clean Energy.

Simone D. is the artist behind the piece, Can You Breathe?

About Nina Morgan
Nina Morgan is based in Birmingham, Ala., where she works as a climate and environmental justice organizer with GASP. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham where she studied Anthropology and Sociology. As a Black, Southern, working-class person, Nina is committed to creating a world in which people and planet are cherished, protected and liberated.
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