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Our mission is to advance healthy air and environmental justice in the Greater-Birmingham area through education, advocacy and collaboration.

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Almost 9 Million Deaths Caused by Fossil Fuel Pollution

Almost 9 Million Deaths Caused by Fossil Fuel Pollution

New research from Harvard University found that deaths from fossil fuel emissions are significantly higher than previous estimates. In 2018, more than 8 million people died from the pollution caused by coal, oil, gas, and other fossil fuels. That accounts for nearly 1-in-5 of all deaths worldwide. Prior research put the number at a little over 4 million deaths per year.

Dust from Demolition Projects is Air Pollution

Dust from Demolition Projects is Air Pollution

No, all that dust everywhere isn’t just something you have to deal with when there’s a demolition project near you. Have you ever lived or worked near a large demolition project? Do you see the dust hovering in the air, maybe over your home or business or your car as...

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Tell Gov. Kay Ivey: Support NPL Now!

Adding the 35th Avenue Superfund Site to the National Priorities List is the right thing to do.

Support the Environmental Justice for All Act

A new bill seeks to secure environmental justice for all. Ask your representatives to support the bill today!

Declare a Climate Emergency

Sign this petition and urge the State of Alabama and its four major cities to declare a climate emergency.

Tell Alabama Power to Stop Taxing the Sun!

It’s time to put Alabamians before Alabama Power. Sign this petition to support solar for all Alabamians.

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