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Our mission is to advance healthy air and environmental justice in the Greater-Birmingham area through education, advocacy and collaboration.

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Finding Your Role In The Movement

Finding Your Role In The Movement

One of the greatest honors of my life was serving GASP and our mission. I will continue to do so in a different form. It is my hope that GASP and other organized efforts will continue to grow, evolve and recruit more young people within their ranks or inspire them to launch their own actions.

Stepping My Foot In The Door

Stepping My Foot In The Door

“I was so excited to be granted the opportunity to be working with GASP and the Green New Deal for Birmingham. Working in environmental action is honestly my dream job and I am now getting my start as an intern,” Danielle Wormsby, Spring 2022 Green New Deal for Birmingham Intern.

EPA to ADEM Air Program: “Do Better”

EPA to ADEM Air Program: “Do Better”

“It is vital for state agencies to have robust monitoring plans in place to ensure that families are protected from toxic air pollutants,” says Christina Andreen Tidwell, SELC Senior Attorney. “We are very pleased that EPA recognized ADEM’s failure to respond to our comments.”

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Tell Birmingham: Bluestone Coke Needs a Business License

Bluestone Coke is spewing toxic pollution into North Birmingham — without a business license.

Declare a Climate Emergency

Sign this petition and urge the State of Alabama and its four major cities to declare a climate emergency.

Tell Alabama Power to Stop Taxing the Sun!

It’s time to put Alabamians before Alabama Power. Sign this petition to support solar for all Alabamians.