Community Science Program

Our Approach

National Geographic defines citizen science as “the practice of public participation and collaboration in scientific research to increase scientific knowledge.” We prefer the term, “community science,” as it is more inclusive. Our community science program is an opportunity for everyday people to engage with the scientific process and help us gain a fuller picture of hyper-local air quality throughout Greater-Birmingham. We use a variety of mobile and stationary digital devices — such Purple Air sensors — to collect data and, when possible, share with the public! We also have a partnership with Temboo to collect particulate matter data and curate other local data sources. In addition to air monitoring, we occasionally conduct other types of sampling like soil and water. 

Become an AirKeeper!

Get hands-on experience with the science of air monitoring by hosting an air sensor on your home, school, church, or business. By signing up to become a volunteer AirKeeper, you will learn how GASP and our partners are working to reduce exposure to air pollution and help us gain a clearer picture of what’s in the air you’re breathing!

PurpleAir Sensors Near Birmingham