Since Gasp was founded in 2009, we have produced several short films and is working on others. One of our films, “A Gasp for Clean Air,” was named an Official Selection at Birmingham’s famous Sidewalk Film Festival. Feel free to spread the word about these videos by embedding them on your website.

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Voices for Clean Air

Voices for Clean Air is a visual storytelling initiative we developed in partnership with American Lung Association in Alabama. Together, we’re sharing your stories and promoting clean air for all Alabamamians. Click on a video below to watch on our Vimeo channel. What’s your story?

“Toxic City” (2014)

“Toxic City” tells the story of residents trapped in northern Birmingham neighborhoods — particularly Fairmont, Collegeville, and Harriman Park. The documentary debuted June 12, 2014 at the historic Carver Theatre in downtown Birmingham. You can watch the film here.


“A Gasp for Clean Air” (2011)

A Gasp for Clean Air tells the story of Birmingham’s polluted air. This award-winning documentary discusses the health effects of dirty air and provides a history lesson about the problem in Alabama — as well as where our name came from!

Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival - Official Selection