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Voices for Clean Air

Voices for Clean Air is a visual storytelling initiative we developed in partnership with American Lung Association in Alabama. Together, we’re sharing your stories and promoting clean air for all Alabamamians. Click on a video below to watch on our Vimeo channel. What’s your story?



Toxic City Birminghams’ Dirty Secret (2014)

“Toxic City” tells the story of residents trapped in northern Birmingham neighborhoods — particularly Fairmont, Collegeville, and Harriman Park. The documentary debuted June 12, 2014 at the historic Carver Theatre in downtown Birmingham.


A GASP for Clean Air (2011)

A GASP for Clean Air tells the story of Birmingham’s polluted air. This award-winning documentary discusses the health effects of dirty air and provides a history lesson about the problem in Alabama — as well as where our name came from!

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