Meet Allie Guadarrama, Spring Intern for Gasp

by | Mar 23, 2020

Meet Allie Guadarrama, Spring Intern for Gasp

by Mar 23, 2020

Allie is serving as Gasp’s Climate Change Intern.

Where do you go to high school?/What do you hope to do after you graduate? Currently I am a Junior at Vestavia Hills High School. After High School I would like to move to the West, either California or Washington, and attend college in one of those two states. I would like to major in Environmental Economics and Public Policy and have a minor in Political Science or Global Business. 

What is your dream job? My dream job would be one where I could alleviate the Climate Crisis by collaborating with people from different backgrounds. I also like the idea of using public policy to create an economy where people can prosper, but the environment is not put in danger.

What do you hope to learn while interning with Gasp? One of the reasons I joined GASP was precisely to gain some experience by working alongside with different people and organizations to reach one of the most important challenges that humanity is facing. 

Why is our mission to reduce air pollution important to you? The Climate Crisis is not something that is not happening at home, and is not something that only involves scientists and politicians: the Climate Crisis affects us all. Some of the people who are most affected by it are low income families, and this is where Climate Justice becomes a key factor of the problem. Companies usually pollute areas where low income families live, and since these can’t afford to move, they have to struggle with the environmental and health issues that these big corporations are creating. That is why I choose to get involved with GASP, because their mission is to bring justice to these families. 

What is your favorite food? My favorite food is pancakes. The more the toppings, the better. I enjoy mexican and italian food as well, but I usually crave sweets, and pancakes are the best because they are sweet -but not too much- and they are incredibly soft.

What are your hobbies? In my free time I like to watch commentary videos, video essays, and sitcoms; I like to cook, but I prefer to bake; I like to read although I’m not a fast reader; I enjoy painting; I love spending time with my friends and finding new places. 

Who or what are your influences? My brother and animals. When I was little I always thought that it was so unfair that thousands of species went extinct every day because of mistakes that humans were making and that we should protect them because this is their planet as well. Then, when my brother was born, I felt the moral obligation to create a better world for him.

What are some other fun facts about yourself?

  • I love fashion (not fast fashion though)
  • I love sloths because I can relate to them
  • I know the rap of several twenty one pilots songs
  • Whenever I’m home alone I put on my Broadway shows
  • When I was little I had a rabbit and we used to play Tag.
About The GASP Team
Gasp is a nonprofit health advocacy organization based in Birmingham, Ala. Our mission is to reduce air pollution, to educate the public on the health risks associated with dirty air, and to encourage community leaders to serve as role models for clean air and clean energy production.
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