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Our mission is to enhance the health and wellbeing of Alabamians by reducing air pollution, advancing environmental justice, and promoting climate solutions through education, advocacy, and collaboration.

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COMMUNITY CHRONICLES #7 Linda Carr (Harriman Park)

COMMUNITY CHRONICLES #7 Linda Carr (Harriman Park)

Linda Carr lived in the Harriman Park neighborhood long enough to see the street she grew up on transform from Huntsville Row into Shuttlesworth Drive in 1988. The street was renamed to honor Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, a prominent leader during the Civil Rights Movement and a founder of the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights (ACMHR). This transformation symbolized a shift in recognition, yet the legacy of environmental degradation persisted.

Magical Meetings at The 2023 Moss Rock Festival

Magical Meetings at The 2023 Moss Rock Festival

At the Moss Rock Festival, an annual eco-creative haven, art and nature converge. Amidst the festivities, GASP engaged with visitors of all ages. One standout was Leo, a 6th grader eager to combat air pollution, shared his own initiative—a recycling program at his school. This connection exemplified the impact of community engagement. The Moss Rock Festival showcased more than art; it was a fusion of art, nature, and sustainability. GASP left, appreciating the importance of local artists and sustainable practices. Anticipation lingers for next year’s rendezvous as we continue our journey to protect the environment and nurture future advocates.

Making a Difference Through Mutual Aid  – GASP Hosts Last Popup Market of 2023

Making a Difference Through Mutual Aid – GASP Hosts Last Popup Market of 2023

GASP’s impactful Pop-Up markets transcend charity in North Birmingham’s Superfund Site. Since 2020, these events ensure crucial support for low- and middle-income communities. Grassroots organizer Barbara Jackson emphasizes their significance, stating, “The Pop-Up markets connect GASP with citizens and build relationships,” highlighting the community bonds fostered through these initiatives

GASP Goes Solar! – UAB Solar House National Tour

GASP Goes Solar! – UAB Solar House National Tour

Attending the UAB Solar House Tour was an enlightening and inspiring experience. The solar house itself was a marvel of modern design and sustainability, showcasing the potential of solar energy and eco-friendly construction. It is a glimpse into a more sustainable and eco-conscious future, and GASP left feeling inspired to make more sustainable choices in our daily lives.

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