Meet The Author With Kathryn Savage & Keisha Brown at Burdock Book Collective

by | Nov 9, 2023

Partnering with Burdock Book Collective turned out to be an inspiring afternoon at the reading and discussion of Ground Glass with Author Kathryn Savage and Keisha Brown! The event, in partnership with GASP, shed light on the importance of environmental justice and community well-being. Kathryn Savage’s collection of essays illuminate a poignant exploration of Superfund sites, brownfields, and the impact on our land, water, and neighborhoods. 

Meet The Author with Kathryn Savage & Keisha Brown at Burdock Book Collective

On October 21st, 2023 supportive advocates and dedicated readers met together at the Burdock Book Collective bookstore, an intersectional feminist bookstore & community space. Attendees varied from GASP staff, Burdock Book Collective supporters, students, concerned neighbors and families. A truly empathetic crowd, the group sat in a circle to listen to Savage read an excerpt from Ground Glass and share their personal perspectives on local environmental injustices. Savage’s words helped remind us of the interconnectedness between our communities, the environment, and the evidence linking toxins to disease. She also shared her personal journey growing up near industrial sites and the impact it had on her in what was both a mournful reflection and a call to action for environmental justice. Kathryn Savage’s impressive literary achievements and her dedication to teaching were truly inspiring.

This event was also made impactful by GASP member and dear friend, Keisha Brown, who has her own essay featured in Ground Glass. In the novel Brown details her experiences growing up surrounded by pollution and her advocacy with GASP. She led a passionate discussion with attendees about what being featured in Ground Glass meant to her and why it is important to share individual stories with the world. She uplifted attendees for their ongoing courage and efforts within the environmental movement.

The venue at the Burdock Book Collective allowed an intimate space to fill with honest personal stories and sparked attendees with motivation and empowerment. Communication Coordinator, Madison Naves spoke on behalf of GASP detailing her motivation behind joining the organization and why she personally connected to the stories within Ground Glass

“I believe that the book itself is a testament to what storytelling can do for advocacy. It brought all these people together and allowed us to broaden our network, our reach, and our impact.”

Kathryn Savage and Madison Naves

Thank you to the Burdock Book Collective who welcomed this opportunity, and to Kathryn Savage and Keisha Brown for their enlightening discussion and ever-inspiring courage. For future chances to meet inspiring authors and discuss delightful reads check out the Burdock Book Collective or stop by and purchase your copy of Ground Glass today!


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