Meet Madison Cumby, Fall Legal Intern (Samford)

by Sep 25, 2020

What is your major at and why did you choose it? (for college students)           

Before starting law school, I earned my B.S. in Environmental Science with a concentration in Policy from Samford University. I graduated in May 2018.  I am now a 3L at Cumberland School of law. I will graduate in May 2021.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?

I hope to enter into a Federal Clerkship after graduation.       

What is your dream job?

I’m still trying to figure that out.

What do you hope to learn while interning with Gasp?

I hope to learn more about Environmental Law from the perspective of advocating on behalf of the environment. I hope to gain a greater understanding of environmental issue and concerns in Alabama.

Why is our mission to reduce air pollution important to you?

Air pollution poses a large number of known and unknown risks to the health of communities with poor air quality as well as the harm that it causes to the plants and animals that live in the area. I am concerned about the damage that would be caused if air quality is not more closely monitored and improved.

What is your favorite food?


What are your hobbies?

Archery, dog shows, baking, reading, and hiking

What are some other fun facts about yourself?

I grew up in Los Angeles, CA

Kirsten Bryant

Kirsten Bryant

Deputy Director, Outreach

Kirsten has been part of the organization since its inception. After a year of volunteering to help establish Gasp, Kirsten accepted the role of executive director in 2009. It is Kirsten’s hope that future generations will inherit a healthy Alabama where clean air and water are valued and protected.

Contact Kirsten
[email protected] | 205.701.4271

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