Clean Air, Healthy Kids

Our Children At Risk

Kids are vulnerable to the harmful health effects of dirty air.

Air pollution is the greatest environmental health risk factor for premature death in the world. Ground-level ozone and particle pollution, both “criteria air pollutants” under the Clean Air Act, pose the greatest threat to human health in the United States. Children are particularly susceptible to poor air quality; research shows that children who breathe polluted air can have lifelong reduced lung capacity.

Due to higher-than-average asthma rates among African-American children in particular, this population is especially vulnerable. GASP seeks to raise awareness and understanding of the health effects of air pollution on childhood health outcomes through our Clean Air, Healthy Kids initiative.

We will utilize a community-science framework to educate children. Strategic activities include: demonstrating and installing air monitors (AirWatch in Schools), implementing the EPA’s flag alert system (AirNow Flag Program), presentations on air quality, and more. 

The Biggest Threats: Ozone & Particle Pollution

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What We Offer Schools

✔️ Air Quality Flag program resources (flags, materials, training)
✔️ Worksheets and education activities (example above)
✔️ Classroom presentations
✔️ Digital air monitor demonstrations
✔️ Air Quality Widget for your school website (shown left)
✔️ Workshops for educators

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All Grades

Air Quality 101 (PDF)


Air Pollution Word Search (PDF)