Current Campaigns

We encourage you to not only become educated about the dire effects of air pollution on our health and economy, but also to take action into your own hands. Direct advocacy is one of the most effective ways to create positive change. Below you will find current actions you can take to support our fight for clean, healthy air. Sign up to get these and future action alerts in your email inbox!

Tell Birmingham: Bluestone Coke Needs a Business License

Bluestone Coke is spewing toxic pollution into North Birmingham — without a business license.

Tell Gov. Kay Ivey: Support NPL Now!

Adding the 35th Avenue Superfund Site to the National Priorities List is the right thing to do.

Support the Environmental Justice for All Act

A new bill seeks to secure environmental justice for all. Ask your representatives to support the bill today!

Tell Alabama to Declare a Climate Emergency

Sign this petition and urge the State of Alabama and its four major cities to declare a climate emergency.

Tell Alabama Power to Stop Taxing the Sun!

It’s time to put Alabamians before Alabama Power. Sign this petition to support solar for all Alabamians.

Write a Letter to the Editor

Generate an letter to the editor of your hometown newspaper to promote clean, renewable energy. Be sure to customize it based on your own experiences!


In addition to all of the advocacy campaigns above, we always have volunteer opportunities, such as office work, data entry, events support, and more!