Happy Veteran’s Day! We are so grateful for the service of those who keep us safe and secure. Our service men and women make it possible for us to do this important work freely.

On that note, I don’t think I need to tell you that the outcome of the presidential election may have serious consequences for air pollution and climate change policy. Let me be perfectly clear: the sky is not falling. Here’s what I told the Birmingham News:

“The fight for clean air, environmental justice, and climate solutions will go on regardless. I am optimistic that we’ll be able to make progress towards a healthier, more sustainable environment regardless of who is in the White House if people get involved as volunteers, members, and advocates.

“We all need to do a better job of listening to people outside of our bubbles so that we can empathize with them. Most change happens at the state and local level by far, and we need to come together with our neighbors and find lasting solutions to these issues.

“Because the reality is that air pollution and climate change affect all of us, and the only way we’re ever going to figure out the best path forward is if we all work together.”

But let me also be clear that we will fight harder than ever for clean, healthy air for everyone in Alabama. If the new administration tries to rollback key air pollution regulations, we will intervene. If the new administration tries to undo progress on climate change policy, we will stand up to them. If environmental justice and civil rights are pushed aside, we will mobilize. We won’t back down.

Clean air and water are basic human rights. You can’t place a monetary value on a person’s life. That’s why we need your support now more than ever before in our 7-year history. Please join now if you’re not already a member. Pass this message along if you are.

For our future,

Michael Hansen
Executive Director

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Michael Hansen
Posted by Michael Hansen

Michael joined GASP in 2013 as communications specialist. He has lived in Birmingham since 2008, and is an active member of the Birmingham community. He’s a passionate advocate for health equity, civil rights and equality. He is currently serving as executive director. Email Michael

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