What Is It To Be?

by | Apr 22, 2022

When you look at a tree 

Do you happen to think of the bees 

And all the hard work that had to happen for that one tree to be 

We cut trees down and live like our resources aren’t limited 

There will soon come a day when only the rich can play 

Only those with heaps of money will be able to afford life’s basic luxuries 

Only those with piles of cash will be able to have life’s bare necessities 

Water is a gift given and we choose to over use it

But when are we gonna stop acting like it’s the little people who need to lose it

My 10 minute showers will never compare to the riches waste and expensive tastes

My 2 bags of trash per week will never compare to the big corporations that trash our streets 

How are gasoline companies telling me that I’m the problem here, they’re doing nothing but leaving us all to steer

Leaving the next generation the trash of their meals 

Not even letting us have a taste of their fancy viel 

They can deny climate change and over consumption

Spread lies and make up stories of science that they paid to have published 

Isn’t the point of education to allow our world to become free 

Yet we listen to the richness of cash and not the richness of knowledge 

We put profit over the health, safety, and mental well being of others 

Sticking up for our environment is more than caring about trees

It’s having a world where we can live more sustainably 

A world where we All have access to our needs 

A world we don’t deplete because of a few greedy sheeps 

A world where we All live in unity 

I’m asking you today, will you please join me 

To help shape our earth, our lives, our futures, into the greatest potential it could be.

~Danielle Wormsby

About Danielle Wormsby
Danielle Wormsby is a junior at Ramsey High School and a new GASP volunteer. She is interested in wildlife and the environment. Danielle hopes to someday pursue a career as a climate scientist or a biologist.
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