Tell the EPA to Protect Our Air & Health

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The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed new standards that would limit carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution from new power plants. The proposed limits represent significant progress in solving the problem of CO2 pollution and its devastating effects on the health of the planet and, ultimately, our own well-being.

Moving to renewable energy is one of the many ways power plants can help alleviate the effects of CO2 pollution on our lives and our world. And remember, if we don’t insist on enforcement of the Clean Air Act, we effectively acquiesce to polluting industries rather than helping improve them.


Use the tool to the right to let EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy know that you support the EPA’s strong standards.

Feel free to revise the letter with your own story and why you care about clean air. Your message will make a big impact in the fight for cleaner air.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has a great list of steps the EPA must take to reduce CO2 and other emissions.

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