Signing Up with Arcadia Power’s Renewable Energy Programs is Easy and Smart!

Signing Up with Arcadia Power’s Renewable Energy Programs is Easy and Smart!

Burning fossil fuels is one of the largest contributors to air pollution in the world as well as a key factor in climate change. In Alabama, coal-fired power is still the largest source of electricity in our homes.

What if you desire to support clean and renewable sources of electricity to power your home? (Keep in mind that reducing the amount of electricity you consume is the first action to take.)

You can install solar panels on your home or property to generate your own electricity. Unfortunately, the Alabama Public Service Commission has approved policies that impede the growth of solar power in our state. However, if you have the financial means to move forward with solar, go for it!

You can sign up with Arcadia Power to receive 50–100% of your energy from wind farms — a clean energy source or subscribe to solar panels to receive all or part of your electricity from Arcadia’s community solar developments.

I opted for the wind energy plan and been very pleased with the decision! Signing up was super easy. It took about five minutes once I had my Alabama Power account number in hand. You basically just link your utility bill to Arcadia’s clean energy platform. Arcadia then monitors your kWh usage to ensure a certain percentage of your monthly electricity is sourced from wind farms. How do they do this? Arcadia purchases Green-e Energy certified renewable energy certificates (RECs). I highly recommend watching this short video by EPA to understand how RECs work.


My February statement from Arcadia


Once I signed up, I received an e-statement from Arcadia Power with informative graphics and useful details regarding our household’s power usage, how we compared to other Arcadia customers, and the peace of mind knowing that 50% of our power was sourced from clean, wind energy. I also love that Arcadia Power automatically pays my bill every month from my checking account.


Arcadia Power’s online platform is very informative. Since I switched to the Premium plan, 100% of my energy usage is sourced from clean, wind energy!


Signing up with Arcadia Power to ensure that 50% of your energy usage is sourced from wind power is free. Because I am so pleased with the process and feel strongly about supporting clean, renewable electricity production, I decided to upgrade our account to Premium, meaning that 100% of our household’s electricity usage will be sourced from wind energy. It will cost a little more each month, an additional $0.015/kWh (with a $5 monthly minimum), but it is worth the small amount knowing that my household’s electricity will not be sourced from burning dirty coal.

Sign up by April 30 and get a free solar-powered Luminaid lantern!


I highly encourage you to make the switch to clean energy via our partnership with Arcadia Power. If you make the switch within the next few days (by April 30), Arcadia will give you a complimentary Luminaid solar lantern! Plus, in honor of Earth Month, Arcadia will plant 10 trees on your behalf. And here’s the kicker: Gasp receives a donation for every signup!

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