Barbara Jackson

Grassroots Organizer

A native of Birmingham, Barbara holds two master’s degrees in Criminal Justice and Public Administration from Walden University. She is the former Director of International and Scholar Services at The University of Southern Mississippi, where she was instrumental in providing guidance in the field of International Education for over 18 years. She also served as the Human Services and Outreach Coordinator for the Oaks of Justice. At Oaks, she worked to relieve hardships for families impacted by incarceration. She works hard to advocate for the containment of relationships between family and their incarcerated loved ones.

God has gifted her with the purpose of helping others. Her gifts are evident through her service to others. Her purpose is seen as she works to dismantle broken systems. She works within the community with multiple organizations to advocate change at the local, state, and federal levels. She enjoys baking and creating meals for her family in her spare time.

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