Anthony Ford

Community Science Coordinator

Anthony Ford joined the GASP team in August 2023 as Community Science Coordinator and our first-ever staff AirKeeper. With a passion for clean air, he’s tasked with strategically installing and maintaining air monitoring devices throughout the Greater Birmingham area.

An advocate of community involvement, Anthony will also guide eager individuals in becoming volunteer AirKeepers. Collaborating with partners and researchers, we use devices like PurpleAir to collect data and highlight hyperlocal air quality issues. We deliver information to the public, focusing on impacted communities, and foster a comprehensive understanding of air quality trends for all. This valuable information is readily accessible to everyone.

In addition to his technical duties, Anthony actively engages with the public, raising awareness about the importance of clean air and the substantial environmental and economic benefits it brings. He champions active public participation in our collective efforts. Reach out to Anthony and be part of the clean air movement.

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