Meet Mikayla – Spring 2022, Communications Intern

by | Apr 15, 2022

GASP: What is your major at and why did you choose it?

Mikayla: I am majoring in art with a minor in marketing and a certificate in sales. I chose to major in art because it has been my lifelong passion. I chose to study sales and marketing because I think it helps me communicate in a business context. 

GASP: What do you hope to do after you graduate? (for college students)

Mikayla: After graduating, I hope to pursue a career in art or marketing. 

GASP: What is your dream job?

Mikayla: Jobs that I hope I would have the opportunity to pursue are: art director, tattoo artist, and illustrator.

GASP: What do you hope to learn while interning with GASP?

Mikayla: While at GASP, I hope to learn more about how to use art to educate, motivate, and inform people. During my time here, I hope to develop my skills in graphic design, web design, virtual marketing, and email marketing.

GASP: Why is our mission to reduce air pollution important to you?

Mikayla: I care both about the impacts that air pollution has on the environment and on the health of people. I want to be able to help my community to be a safer and healthier place to live. I think that educating people about air pollution and working towards preventing it aligns with this goal. 

GASP: What is your favorite food?

Mikayla: Frozen yogurt

GASP: Where do you consider your hometown?

Mikayla: Huntsville, Alabama

GASP: What are your hobbies?

Mikayla: I like to draw, paint, play piano and mallet instruments, and explore the city. 

GASP: Who or what are your influences?

Mikayla: I am influenced by artists: Octavio Ocampo, Olly Moss, and Shantell Martin. I also find that scientific illustration and tattoos inspire my art. 

GASP: What are some other fun facts about yourself?

Mikayla: I have a dog named Joy, who got her name from her very enthusiastic greetings. I am a Local artist who has displayed at Lowe Mill, Rojo, Filter Coffee, Arts Revive, Mountain Valley Arts Council, Jacksonville State University, Beacon Yoga, AEIVA, and Birmingham Oddities. I also used to be a competitive percussionist. I played marimba and vibraphone.


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