Meet the Interns: Dania Ashour

by | Jan 26, 2017

Yesterday we introduced you to our intern from the UAB School of Public Health, Nkereuwem Samuel Unwana — who goes by Life. Now we would like you to meet our intern from the UAB School of Engineering, Dania Ashour. Dania is working with a pair of brilliant volunteer engineers on building a custom, replicable digital air monitor that we can use to collect and share hyper-local air quality data as part of our emerging citizen-science program. Welcome, Dania!

What is your major at UAB and why did you choose it?

I chose mechanical engineering because it is one of the most flexible engineering disciplines. I also desired to enter a growing field and not one that is experiencing stagnation. Mechanical engineering is the connector between the fields that I am interested in pursuing, like nanotechnology, petroleum engineering, and systems engineering. Its mostly reasonable work hours will allow me the flexibility to pursue my other hobbies, and the ability to travel and work around the world.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?

My career goal in the next five years is to continue my education. I hope to strengthen my engineering knowledge by getting a master’s degree in systems engineering, and my business knowledge by getting an MBA. Afterwards, I hope to spend a year studying international relations in Europe and the Middle East. By studying international relations, I hope that I will have the necessary knowledge to help the global community by bridging the gap between the Eastern and Western world and promoting interfaith dialogue and tolerance.

What is your dream job?

To own an engineering company, and to create and market my own products. I also would love to become a full-time advocate or a foreign diplomat.

What do you hope to learn during your internship with Gasp?

I hope to further my engineering knowledge by learning how to build an air monitor. I would love to learn how to run a successful non-profit, because I hope to use that knowledge in the foreseeable future.

Why is our mission to reduce air pollution important to you?

It’s really simple. We need air to breathe. And breathing is a necessity of life. So if a person is breathing bad air, then that will affect his or her quality of life.

What is your favorite food?

Chinese and pizza! I also enjoy more traditional Middle Eastern food.

What are your hobbies?

My two passions are sports and poetry.

Who or what are your influences?

My mom. Not because she is my mom, but because she is the most amazing person I know. Looking up to celebrities has never been my thing. How can I look up to someone that I don’t actually know?

What are some other fun facts about yourself?

That I have no fun facts about myself! I’m pretty boring.


Please join us in welcoming Dania and Life both to the Gasp team. We’d like to thank Nathan McMinn and Jon Self for volunteering their time and expertise to assist with constructing a custom air quality monitor, and Red Mountain Makers for agreeing to help along the way. Special thanks to the Brooke Foundation for making our participation in the UAB Academic Small Business Alliance possible. To support this work, become a member.

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Michael is Executive Director of GASP. He joined the team in 2013 as communications specialist. He has years of experience and extensive training in the areas of public health and environmental protection. He is a member of the board of directors for the Southeast Climate & Energy Network and Clean Water Fund, as well as a member of the Arm in Arm National Core Support Team. Email Michael
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