Meet Gasp Interns: Gabrielle Gordon

by | Nov 1, 2018

Meet Gasp Interns: Gabrielle Gordon

Gabbi Gordon is a UAB student completing an internship with Gasp through UAB’s Academic Small Business Alliance (ASBA) program. Thanks to ASBA for the partnership!

What is your major at UAB and why did you choose it? I am majoring in biomedical sciences, I want to become a doctor and thought biomedical sciences would be an awesome opportunity to learn about the human body from a clinical perspective.

What do you hope to do after you graduate? I plan on attending a graduate school for my master’s in science and then medical school.

What is your dream job? A history orator for the UN. I think with my medical background it would be amazing for me to travel the world and work with developing countries learning about their lives.

What do you hope to learn while volunteering with Gasp? I hope to learn more about leadership, community involvement and more about the air quality that is affects Alabama.

Why is our mission to reduce air pollution important to you? I believe clean air is a fundamental right. As biomedical sciences student, I understand the devastating effects of poor air quality. Many respiratory illnesses are attributed to poor air quality. GASP’s mission to reduce air pollution is something we desperately need.

What is your favorite food? I am obsessed with baked Mac and Cheese.

What are your hobbies? Reading, cooking, baking and traveling. Right now, my plan is to visit every state park and national forest in Al, TN, and GA before going to medical school.

Who or what are your influences? I don’t have an influencer or a mentor in mind. However, I think people who are honest, desire good for humanity and hardworking are great influencers.

What are some other fun facts about yourself? I have travelled the entire eastern seaboard in one summer.


About Kirsten Bryant
Kirsten has been with GASP from the very beginning as a founding board member, then as a part-time executive director, and now as outreach director. Kirsten hopes future generations will inherit a healthy Alabama where clean air and water are valued and protected. Email Kirsten
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