The People's Climate Action Plan

Climate change is upon us already — more frequent extreme weather events, worsening air quality, rising sea levels, more severe droughts more often, more intense heat waves — and it will only get worse unless we reduce our carbon emissions across all sectors of our economy. Everyone will be affected by climate change. The question is, who can afford to recover and which communities will be left behind? The good news is that we can address carbon emissions head-on in a just and equitable way as we transition to a clean energy economy.

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  • Responsible Energy
  • Transit Justice
  • Clean Air & Water
  • Equitable Investment
  • Sustainable Development
  • Transparent Government


  • Commit to indigenous sovereignty
  • Healthy air and water are human rights
  • Invest in transformative solutions
  • Prevent future and repair historic oppression
  • Prioritize local/community control
  • Put justice and equity first

Staff Contacts

    Kirsten Bryant
    Deputy Director (Project Lead)
    [email protected]

    Nina Morgan
    [email protected]

    Michael Hansen
    Executive Director
    [email protected]

    What's Your Story?

    Why do you care about climate change? Why do you think Birmingham needs a Green New Deal? What are your hopes for the future of the Magic City? We want to know! We welcome your essays. We will publish your article on our website along with your byline.

    Funding for this project provided in part by U.S. Climate Action Network. Thanks to USCAN and all of our other supporters for making this work possible!

    Want to partner? Email Executive Director Michael Hansen at [email protected].

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