Help Gasp by Switching to Clean Energy Today

Gasp is excited to share some truly sunny 🌞 news with you: we are partnering with Arcadia Power — the first company to offer a nationwide community solar program —to give you a simple way to switch to solar at home.

The way it works is you purchase a one-time subscription to a panel(s) from one of Arcadia Power’s solar projects across the country. From there, they track the production from your exact panel and automatically credit your utility bill with the savings. Your investment in community solar pays for itself over time — and then some! This is a great program because you not only save money while supporting the development of solar projects across America, but Arcadia Power will actually donate a portion back to Gasp for each panel sold.

Switch to Solar

But wait, there’s more! If you’d rather switch to wind instead of (or in addition to) saving with Arcadia Power’s community solar program, we have two options for you, too.

  1. With the free program (it costs you absolutely nothing!) 50% of your electricity will come from Arcadia’s wind developments.
  2. With the premium program, you get 100% of your electricity from wind.

You also receive Green-e Energy certified renewable energy certificates to verify your use of clean energy. In addition, Arcadia Power will donate a referral bonus to Gasp for every customer who opts-in.

Switch to Wind

Why make the change?

Did you know that generating enough electricity to power the American home requires more than 275,000 gallons of water, burning 8,180 pounds of coal, and producing over 14,500 pounds of CO2, every year (source: EPA). Switching from clean, renewable fuels like wind and solar means less air pollution from coal-fired power plants. In turn, that means healthier people and a more sustainable planet. Everyone wins!

If you’re interested in taking the next step and installing solar on your home, check out this great guest blog post from our friends at Eagle Solar & Light.

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