It is important to let regulators know when pollution events like odors and large plumes of smoke occur so that they can be investigated. Creating a public record can help strengthen air pollution protections. Help us be an extra set of eyes and ears for state and local agencies by acting as a watchdog in your neighborhood.

To report a complaint, call 205.938.Gasp (4277) and leave a message with your name, phone number, additional contact information, and a description of your concern. Alternatively, use the form below to record your complaint. We’ll send complaints to the appropriate agency (either the Jefferson County Department of Health or the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.)

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Contact Local & State Agencies

If you wish report air pollution problems directly to regulatory authorities, you may use the contact information below.

Jefferson County Department of Health

Phone: 205-930-1239

Alabama Department of Environmental Management

Web Form
Emergency Response After-Hours: 1-800-843-0699

Birmingham Branch
Fax: 205-942-6168
Phone: 205-941-1603

Decatur Branch
Fax: 256-353-1713
Phone: 256-340-9359

Mobile Branch
Fax: 251-450-3400
Phone: 251-479-2593

Coastal Section
Fax: 251-304-1176
Phone: 251-304-1189